Closeness in Love™

Closeness in Love™

Free Ebook on Relationships and Healing

Closeness in Love™

I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. —Song of Solomon 6:3.

Dedicated to you who are becoming a better lover — of God, your neighbor, and yourself — by becoming a better lover in your romantic relationship.

In a love relationship? Want to be? How close do you want to be?

Our Desire for Closeness

"We enter into love relationships because we want to be close. Or so we say."

So begins the Chapter 1 of the book, Closeness in Love™.

In this short, easy to read book, you will learn:

  • A deeper understanding of closeness.

  • Different kinds of closeness.

  • The ingredients of closeness.

  • Ways to measure closeness.

  • How to apply closeness in love to bring healing into your love relationship or to help you create one.

  • Fears of closeness and fears of separateness.

  • Unhealthy cravings for closeness and separateness.

  • Unhealed wounds that drive those fears and cravings.

  • Some free self help tools to heal those wounds in yourself.

Copy and Share this Book

Closeness in Love™ is a free, open content book, licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike License. Feel free to copy and share it. You can also sell it, either to cover your costs or you can even make a profit on it.

The book is only in its second draft. The graphics are clearly not finished. However, the information is so powerful it needed to get out. So, we are making it available now, without waiting for the graphics or the final editing.

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This book is a living document. As new developments come out, it will be updated, even after the first release version is done. So far, it's only in its second draft.

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